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Therapy Services 

Social Skills & Competencies Training

Therapy addressing social cognitive learning challenges across the lifespan, including but not limited to perspective taking, sending and receiving verbal and nonverbal messages, recognizing and meeting social expectations, conversation skills, and emotional regulation. 

Speech (Articulation & Fluency) Therapy

Therapy targeting articulation, speech-sound disorders, and fluency (stuttering), including phonological awareness and letter-sound correspondence for early learners. 

Language (Expressive & Receptive) Intervention

Therapy targeting expressive and receptive language (speaking and listening skills), including grammar and semantics (word and concept understanding), for children, teens, and adults, including those who have experienced stroke or traumatic brain injury. 

Gender-Affirming Voice Therapy

Let us partner with you to meet your own voice and communication goals, including finding your most authentic, sustainable, and healthy voice possible. 

Alternative & Augmentative Communication Support

Therapy to support aided (high, mid, low, no-tech) and unaided communication systems, including programming of existing devices and ongoing feature-matching trialing. 

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